About Ep.3
Episode 3 should begin the 17th at 18:00, French time. Note that the last Episode will bring new materials for the participants:
  1.  3 new images to attack.
  2.  10 000 watermarked images.
  3.  A paper, called “Broken Arrows”, describing the embedding and detection algorithms used during this contest.
  4.  An archive of the source codes used to compile Broken Arrows (with different keys than the ones proposed on the server and the database).
  5.  Only 10 attempts/day per participant will be possible.
The data-base will be mirrored on 2 sites (Gipsa-Lab and INRIA), participants who would like to mirror it in their lab can contact us.
Patrick and Teddy.
About Ep.3
Friday, January 11, 2008