The contest is launched !
Here it goes, our algorithm is ready to be evaluated and  (probably) broken.
Let’s see how long it will take, our scientific advisors aka Maj. Vic Deakins and Capt. Riley Hale, told us that their algorithm (code-name “Broken Arrow”) is a pretty good one.
Because it is my first challenge as an organiser, I have some fears of course. Here are my top five:
1) to have a PSNR above 50dB the first week because of a malicious hack, or because a mistake of our scientific advisors.
2) to have a server crash due to a power cut-off in the lab (it can happen in Grenoble).
3) to be high-jacked by a participant who want to steal my original images (I’m going to erase them of my hard-disk anyway).
4) to spoil my holidays because the server has crashed during this time.
5) nothing else, that is already enough ;)
The contest is launched !
Monday, July 16, 2007