The visible leaks
For the four answers that we get to the question “Guess what’s in the basket”, here are some leaks:
- 3 found that the embedding was done in the wavelet domain,
- 3 found that the border of the detection region is randomized.
- 2 noticed that biorthogonal filters with 9/7 taps were used with a four level decomposition, and that only the HF subbands were watermarked.
- 1 found that the detection region was a set of truncated double hypercones,
- 1 found that it was (at least) one double hypercone.
- 1 found that the detector used a sequence of 3 different keys and that it first detected “Casimir”, then “Louvre” then “Fall”.
- 1 found that there was 2 slowdowns each day, one at 0:00 (back-up of the server) and one at 4:00 (cleansing of the server).
- 1 (Teddy) found that the “Louvre” should not have been called “Louvre” but “ “Palais Royal” where are located the Buren’s columns ...
The visible leaks
Thursday, January 17, 2008