When the detector crashes ...
Dear all,
Being a designer of watermarking technique is a tough job.
Not only one has to know what watermarking is, but  one has also to know how to develop sofware.
We miserably fail on the second point. We were really impressed seeing hacked pictures with a PSNR around 30dB four days after the challenge started.
However, when we saw hacked images with a PSNR higher than 40 dB, we started thinking there was a real problem with our server.
Analysing the results, we spotted a bug in our detection software, such that the detection fails much more easily than foreseen.
This our fault, mea culpa. As far as we investigated the embedding side is correct. Therefore, the three pictures remain the same.
Now, we think there is no interest in playing with a bugged watermark detector. Therefore, we will resume the challenge with a de-bugged detection software.
Sorry, for this " false start ".
People in the hall of fame will receive a mail listing which of their registered pictures are really hacked. Some will be disappointed, others won't.
We are deeply sorry. Some of you spend hours for nothing. We will try to rise the prize of the episode one to be forgiven.
Teddy and Patrick
When the detector crashes ...
Sunday, July 22, 2007