And the winners are ...            (Ep.2)
Congratulations to:
- The Merry Bowmen of UVIGO from University of Vigo (Average PSNR = 50.24 dB)
- Andreas Westfeld from University of Dresden (Average PSNR = 49 dB)
- ->/_ Team Salzburg (aka Peter Meerwald, Dominik Engel, Thomas Stutz and Heinz Hofbauer) from University of Salzburg (Average PSNR = 35.56 dB)
who are the three first participants in the hall of fame.
Thanks also to all the participants who have played Bows-2 Ep2 and have developed powerful sensitivity attacks!
Last but not least, Ep.3 is just beginning, let’s see which attacks derived from Oracle or information leakage are the most efficient!
Patrick and Teddy
And the winners are ...
Thursday, January 17, 2008