The number whisperer
Deakins: Hey, Hale. Sure you do not want to disclose some info about the watermarking system...
Hale: I've already told you: No way!
Deakins: Well, participants have been complaining. They say it is too hard.
Some think that the probability of false alarm is certainly high, hence, the extreme robustness of the technique.
Hale: No, this is not true!
Deakins: I know. I've told them, but...
Hale: but they don't trust you since the story with your bug. Well, I can understand them.
Deakins: So, tell them at least this parameter.
Hale: No way. There is a guy is Binghampton called the number whisperer...
Deakins: Number whisperer?
Hale: Yes. He whispers to numbers so that they tell him secrets. Do not disclose any number on this blog.
This is an order, Major Deakins!
Deakins: Don't be stupid!
Hale: Ok. You've been warned: Binghampton tomorrow in the hall of fame. The probability of false alarm is below 3.81*10-6.
Deakins: Below? You don't know it exactly?
Hale: You are right. But I assure you: it is below 3.81 * 10-6. You see this is not that high ...
The number whisperer
Monday, July 30, 2007