The name "Broken Arrow"
Hale: Deakins, we are receiving more more emails of your would-be "fans". They want to know where the name "Broken Arrow" comes from.
Deakins: You told me: No way!
Hale: Well, this is not a number. so...we might make an exception.
Deakins: Ok, If you agree. Broken Arrows is an hollywood movie with Travolta, a magazine, a village, an album, a couple of songs...
Hale: Waou! We are already so famous! Cool...
Deakins: Stop playing the fool, Hale! And it is a military nuclear incident.
Hale: This last thing is in relationship with our watermarking technique, right?
Deakins: Absolutely not! Broken arrow is the perfect no-name. If participants google it, there are 2,520,000 results!
 Better find a needle in a haystack!
Hale: Even typing "broken arrow watermark"
Deakins: A couple, who is also a group of music called "Watermark", get married at Broken Arrow. That what Google answers.
Hale: Terrific!
Deakins: Both of us spent two months to set up this technique: one week for the design, seven weeks to find it a name.
Hale: plus one extra week to find your final bug! Without saying that more than 20 countries helped you to find it !
Deakins: Stop it! I am pretty proud of this name.
Hale: Deakins, there is at least something related to the watermarking technique, isn't it?
Deakins: You are right. The Broken arrow technique is a watermarking technique that breaks arrows.
Arrows being the tries of the participants of the BOWS contest, of course.
Hale: Hmmm...a watermarking technique that break arrows. I don't see. But I am sure participants are going to repeat and repeat again and again in their head this sentence: in bed, under the shower, at work, in the metro, in the car, anywhere, anytime. This is the ultimate clue.
The name "Broken Arrow"
Tuesday, July 31, 2007