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The BOWS-2 Contest (Break Our Watermarking System) is organised within the activity of the Watermarking Virtual Laboratory (Wavila) of the European Network of Excellence ECRYPT (http://www.ecrypt.eu.org/). BOWS-2 is a sequel of the BOWS contest organised by M. Barni, A. Piva, S. Voloshynovskiy and F. Perez-Gonzalez.

Bows2 is organised and designed by Patrick Bas (CNRS researcher in Gipsa-lab) and Teddy Furon (INRIA researcher).

The organisers would like to acknowledge:

Design of the watermarking system:

- Maj. Vic Deakins.
- Capt. Riley Hale.

BOWS-2 web site hosting:

- Research Unit of Gipsa-lab with the help of Herve Colasuonno.
- The ANR projects Nebbiano (ANR-06-SETI-09) and Estivale (ANR-05-RIAM-1902) for funding the BOWS-2 server.

Editing of the rules:

- Luis Pérez-Freire for University of Vigo.

Advises on attacks:

- Gaetan Le-Guelvouit from Orange FTgroup.

Software optimisation and benchmark:

- François Cayre from Gipsa-lab and Guillaume Stehlin from IRISA.

Server setup:

- Sauro Spagnoli from Trimatica and Yoan Miché from Gipsa-lab.

Server design:

- Francesco Corona from HUT.

Advises on legal issues:

- Thierry Maillard from Univ Paris Sud and Christian Kraetzer from Univ of Magdeburg.

Help on server torture-test:

- Andreas Westfeld from Univ. of Dresden.